Cleopatra vii speech

Caesar and Cleopatra For his part, Caesar needed to fund his own return to power in Rome, and needed Egypt to repay the debts incurred by Auletes. Entering Alexandria as an unpopular conqueror, Caesar restored the throne to the equally unpopular Cleopatra and her younger brother Ptolemy XIV then 13 years old. Caesar remained in Egypt with Cleopatra for a time, and around 47 B. Sometime in B.

Cleopatra vii speech

She was a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Ancient Egypt. As pharaoh, she consummated a liaison with Gaius Julius Caesar that solidified her grip on the throne. She later elevated her son with Caesar, Caesarion, to co-ruler in name. Her unions with her brothers produced no children.

Cleopatra followed suit, according to tradition killing herself by means of an asp bite on August 12, 30 BC.

Though Cleopatra bore the ancient Egyptian title of pharaoh, the Ptolemaic dynasty was Hellenistic, having been founded years before by Ptolemy I Soter, a Macedonian Greek general of Alexander the Great. She also adopted common Egyptian beliefs and deities. Her patron goddess was Isis, and thus, during her reign, it was believed that she was the re-incarnation and embodiment of the goddess of wisdom.

Her death marked the end of the Ptolemaic Kingdom and Hellenistic period and the beginning of the Roman era in the eastern Mediterranean.

To this day, Cleopatra remains a popular figure in Western culture. When Ptolemy went to Rome with Cleopatra, Cleopatra VI Tryphaena seized the crown but died shortly afterwards in suspicious circumstances.

It is believed, though not proven by historical sources, that Berenice IV poisoned her so she could assume sole rulership. Berenice was imprisoned and executed shortly afterwards, her head allegedly being sent to the royal court on the decree of her father, the king.

Cleopatra was now, at age 14, put as joint regent and deputy of her father, although her power was likely to have been severely limited. The first three years of their reign were difficult, due to economic difficulties, famine, deficient floods of the Nile, and political conflicts.


Although Cleopatra was married to her young brother, she quickly made it clear that she had no intention of sharing power with him.

She tried to raise a rebellion around Pelusium, but she was soon forced to flee with her only remaining sister, Arsinoe. While Cleopatra was in exile, Pompey became embroiled in the Roman civil war.

Cleopatra vii speech

Ptolemy, only fifteen years old at that time, had set up a throne for himself on the harbour, from where he watched as on September 28, 48 BC, Pompey was murdered by one of his former officers, now in Ptolemaic service. He was beheaded in front of his wife and children, who were on the ship from which he had just disembarked.

Caesar seized the Egyptian capital and imposed himself as arbiter between the rival claims of Ptolemy and Cleopatra. Relationship with Julius Caesar: Cleopatra claimed Caesar was the father of her son and wished him to name the boy his heir, but Caesar refused, choosing his grandnephew Octavian instead.

During this relationship, it is also rumored that Cleopatra introduced Caesar to her astronomer Sosigenes of Alexandria, who first proposed the idea of leap day and leap years. The relationship between Cleopatra and Caesar was obvious to the Roman people and it was a scandal, because the Roman dictator was already married to Calpurnia Pisonis.

The Roman orator Cicero said in his preserved letters that he hated the foreign Queen. She returned with her relatives to Egypt. When Ptolemy XIV died — allegedly poisoned by his older sister — Cleopatra made Caesarion her co-regent and successor and gave him the epithets Theos Philopator Philometor Father- and mother loving God.

Cleopatra in the Roman Civil War: In the following Roman civil war between the Caesarian party — led by Mark Antony and Octavian — and the party of the assassins of Caesar — led by Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus — Cleopatra sided with the Caesarian party because of her past.Act, Scene, Line (Click to see in context) Speech text: 1.

I,1, If it be love indeed, tell me how much. 2. I,1, I'll set a bourn how far to be beloved. - Cleopatra is a name that was given to many Queens who ruled in Egypt.

Cleopatra vii speech

The most famous of these women was Cleopatra VII. She was the daughter of Ptolemy XII, King of Egypt. Cleopatra VII lived from B.C. and reigned as . May 30,  · In 40 B.C., after Antony’s return to Rome, Cleopatra gave birth to twins, Alexander Helios (sun) and Cleopatra Selene (moon).

Cleopatra: Power Struggle After Fulvia took ill and died, Antony was forced to prove his loyalty to Octavian by making a diplomatic marriage with Octavian’s half-sister Octavia. Cleopatra VII, who is now known as Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, was born in Alexandria in the year of 69 BC.

Her father was King Ptolemy Auletes and her mother was Cleopatra V. Although Queen Cleopatra and her family ruled Egypt, they were not Egyptian. Cleopatra Tryphaena (VII)was born into the Ptolomy (tol-o-mee) family, a desendant of one of Alexander the great's generals which he left in charge of Egypt.

She was the 3rd c hild, with 2 older sisters (Cleopatra VI, Berenice), a little sister (Arsinoe) and 2 little brothers (Ptolomy and Ptolomy).

Search Results for 'cleopatra vii speech' Cleopatra Cleopatra VII Cleopatra was born in the year 69 BC and died August 12 in the year 30 BC. Her real name was Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator.

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