How does facebook impact on your life essay

But missing out on the recommended 7 to 9 hours of shut-eye nightly does more than make you feel groggy and grumpy. The long term effects of sleep deprivation are real. It drains your mental abilities and puts your physical health at real risk. Share on Pinterest Your body needs sleep, just as it needs air and food to function at its best.

How does facebook impact on your life essay

Happiness and Your Health Find a happier and healthier you with a few simple strategies. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and lose sight of what makes you happy. But making sure your happiness meter is giving optimal readings can provide many health benefits.

Happy people have younger hearts, younger arteries, and a younger RealAge. Happy people recover more quickly from surgery, cope better with pain, have lower blood pressure, and have longer life expectancy than unhappy people.

Studies also suggest that happy people may have stronger immune systems -- they're less likely to get colds and flu viruses.

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And when they do, their symptoms tend to be mild. Not surprisingly, happy people are better at looking after their health, too.

When people's happiness levels improve, so do their health behaviors. They exercise more, wear sunscreen, and go for regular checkups. How to Get There Everyone wants to be happy, and the benefits are clearly plentiful.

But the fact is that people aren't always great at predicting what will make them happy. If it's long-term happiness you're after, you may need to learn a few new tricks.

We all know when we're happy and when we're not. But ask a roomful of people what makes them happy and you're likely to get a wide range of responses, from "watching the sunset" or "spending time with good friends" to "finding a great shoe sale" or "winning the office football pool.

In an effort to narrow the definition, researchers have devised a series of questionnaires to measure life satisfaction, positive mood, and subjective well-being.

How does facebook impact on your life essay

Some scientists are even beginning to use brain imaging to better understand the physiology of happiness. And economists have jumped on the happiness bandwagon, too, hoping to calculate the value of happiness within a sociopolitical context. So what have they discovered?

What makes for a happy life? It's Partly Your Genes Your level of happiness is not entirely predetermined by your genes, but genes do play a part, just as they play a part in your general health. And although that means some lucky people may start off with a greater propensity for happiness, it's no guarantee they'll lead a charmed life.

Fortunately, evidence suggests that even the gloomiest of us can learn to be happier. And learn we must. Left to our own devices, we tend to focus our energies on things that will give us the greatest instant pleasure. Even when we know better.

Check the happiness accuracy of some of these common answers. You might be surprised. A day at the spa is not only pleasurable, it's also a great de-stressor.

And keeping your stress levels under control will have a positive effect on your physical and emotional well-being. Winning a Million Dollars Winning a million bucks will make you instantly wealthy, that's for sure.

Read on to find out why money won't buy you bliss. Renting a Beach House for a Week with Your Closest Friends Spending quality time with good friends is one of the key components of a happy life. And taking time off to relax will also keep your stress levels low. But don't wait for rare opportunities like this to get together with your friends.

Losing 10 Pounds It's important to your health and happiness to maintain a healthy weight. But yo-yo dieting and lose-weight-quick scams are likely to starve you of the happiness you're after.

World Peace A noble aspiration, but you might want to start small—setting unrealistic goals may be a happiness deterrent.

Do your part for peace by getting involved with an organization that promotes nonviolent conflict resolution or another peace-promoting issue you feel strongly about. Helping others and feeling a sense of purpose in life is linked to greater happiness.

Finally Getting the Garage Organized It may not be glamorous but it certainly is gratifying. Cleaning out the clutter and creating a usable space will give you a sense of achievement that's guaranteed to boost your well-being.

Having Superhero Powers Superhero powers would be super cool, without a doubt.If your procrastination leads to feelings of depression, over time this depression will start to affect other areas of your life. If you procrastinate too much with something, it will most likely start to stress you out and cause anxiety, especially when other people or things are involved.

The key to understanding why reputable studies are so starkly divided on the question of what Facebook does to our emotional state may be in simply looking at what people actually do when they. Facebook = Social Media = A big influence on your health and fitness Back in June, I ran the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon.

Three weeks before race day, they posted an image of the finisher’s. A concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury (TBI) that affects how your brain functions.

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These effects can be short-term, lasting only a few hours or a couple of days, or cause long-term problems. Concussions occur as the result of a traumatic blow to the head that causes the head and. My last article explored how social media and networking sites like Facebook can affect mental health in different ways.

Experts discussed issues some people face with body image issues, depression and limited meaningful social interaction due to a more excessive use of social media.

The important thing is that you begin thinking about ways to improve your life. Learn to relax Taking a few moments to relax can help you be more ready for the things you need to do.

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